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Please Note:  The post-operative instructions are similar to those for most oral surgery.

Blowing the nose, sucking liquids through a straw, (which creates negative pressure) and smoking should be avoided for at least two weeks after surgery.

Coughing or sneezing should be done with an open mouth to relieve pressure.

Keep you head elevated above your heart.  An extra pillow should be used to reduce swelling during the first two nights after surgery.

You may be aware of small granules in your mouth for the next few days.  This is NOT unusual.

As with any type of oral surgery, you can expect swelling for several days and possible discoloration.  Apply ice packs for the first 24 hours and a then warm moist heat compresses after 24 hours to prevent and reduce swelling.

If you develop a nose bleed, do not “Blow your nose”, instead control with a cotton plug or rolled up gauze.

Take medications as prescribed.

For any further questions, please contact our office to voice your concerns.

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