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Cosmetic Gum Treatment/Periodontal Plastic Surgery

At Periodontics & Implantology at Cornerstone, Dr. Stacey Blume offers cosmetic gum treatments in Cincinnati to enhance the look of your smile. Our specialist corrects many dental soft tissue problems effectively while ensuring her patient’s comfort throughout treatment. 

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Options for Cosmetic Gum Treatments in Cincinnati

Dr. Blume and our entire team are committed to delivering excellent results for our periodontal plastic surgery patients. The following procedures are available to address gum-related issues:

Gum Lift/Contouring – For a gum line that is too high or uneven, this procedure, also referred to as crown lengthening, removes excess gum tissue to expose more of your tooth’s crown. Your gum line is also sculpted to improve its aesthetic.

Aesthetic Gum Grafting – While some may have too much gum tissue, others don’t have enough. This is usually due to the recession caused by advanced gum disease, making teeth look too long. Our dentist uses advanced gum grafting techniques and her eye for detail to restore the proper balance between your teeth and gums. Not only does this procedure renew your smile, it also helps protect the roots of your teeth from being overly vulnerable to decay and abscess.

Ridge Augmentation - Tooth loss can cause a depression in the gums and jaw because the bone loses volume when it’s no longer supporting the corresponding natural tooth. After a tooth is extracted, this procedure can prevent the sunken appearance of premature aging that often accompanies jaw bone loss. It also prevents implant supported crowns from looking too long compared to nearby natural teeth.

Periodontal plastic surgery is designed to restore function and aesthetics to the gum tissue, periodontal ligament, and underlying bone supporting your dentition. Periodontal plastic surgery can add tissue to gums that have been damaged by periodontal disease and can remove extraneous tissue from gums that are uneven or have a high profile.

The goal of most periodontal surgeries is to preserve natural teeth. Cosmetic gum surgery can be purely aesthetic but can often help return function as well. Gums that are recessed cannot contribute to the support of your teeth and if left untreated can lead to an increased risk of tooth loss.

If you want to make changes to your gum line for an improved smile,

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