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All-on-Four Implants in Cincinnati

One common complication of using dental implants to replace multiple teeth is the need to place multiple implants at once. The more implants added to the jaw bone, the more recovery time is required before your new teeth can be anchored to those posts. By using the all-on-four treatment concept, Stacey Blume, DMD, MS, can restore your smile with a much shorter waiting period, including teeth-in-a-day procedures.

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An examination is required before undergoing the all-on-four treatment. Due to jaw deterioration, some patient may only be eligible for standard dental implants.

When placing your dental implants, Dr. Blume can use four specially-designed implants - two per jaw - instead of multiple standard implants. These implants are still strong enough to support your new teeth, but the fact that fewer implants are used means that your jaw can heal much more quickly and successfully. One version of this procedure is TeethXpress, the teeth-in-a-day product Dr. Blume uses. You can walk in with a toothless or failing smile and walk out with a whole new set of teeth, all within a single day.

Stacey Blume, DMD, MS, provides all-on-four dental implants to Cincinnati. As a periodontist, she is your resource for all dental implant needs. Call her today to schedule an implant consultation, and see for yourself if all-on-four and TeethXpress are right for you.  

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