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NuCalm Sedation

NuCalm is a revolutionary, safe and proven system that quickly relaxes you into the beginning stages of sleep without using narcotics or controlled substances. With NuCalm, you will feel the same way you feel when you are about to fall asleep. NuCalm guides you to a place of deep relaxation and allows your body to relax, restore, and rejuvenate organically. On NuCalm, your mind will wander, your breathing will deepen, your worries will float away … you will be experiencing relaxation from your head to your toes.

How NuCalm Works

NuCalm works through a combination of four factors that are designed to relax your body into a deep state of calm.

A NuCalm Calming Cream will be administered on the neck. Then you will be fitted with microcurrent patches behind each ear. These patches have been shown to facilitate relaxation. Noise dampening headphones will be used to deliver proprietary neuroacustic software that, combined with soothing music, helps bring your brain wave pace to a pre-sleep stage. Lastly, light-blocking glasses are used to negate visual stimuli. The glasses help maintain the relaxation state. Take a few deep breaths and enjoy the music and relax.

The NuCalm Benefits

NuCalm has many benefits to our patients, including:
• Sedation without narcotics or controlled substances
• No downtime after the procedure while sedation wears off
• Patients report a sense of balance and wellness for hours or days after their appointment
• No fear during the procedure
• No need for someone to take you to and from your appointment
• Better dental results because you are completely relaxed and calm during the appointment

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