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Our goal is to always help you keep as many of your natural teeth as possible. Unfortunately, this might not always be possible if you are experiencing a severely decayed or damaged tooth that needs to be replaced. Bone grafting is recommended in conjunction with Tooth extraction to preserve the existing jawbone structure.

If our team believes that extraction might be necessary, you can trust our team to exhaust all options prior to recommending a tooth extraction. If tooth extraction is required, the team at Periodontics & Implantology At Cornerstone will be with you every step of the way to ensure a gentle and comfortable tooth extraction process.

Benefits of tooth extractions at Periodontics & Implantology At Cornerstone

Prevents the spread of tooth decay and infection in decayed or damaged teeth

Protects nearby teeth and overall oral health 

Can help prevent overcrowding issues

In some cases relieves pain and helps you have a more functional smile

Extractions help set a foundation for oral health

Removing a tooth is generally necessary if a tooth is too decayed or damaged to save. In these instances, not removing the tooth can actually cause infection or further damage to surrounding teeth or other areas of your mouth.

Our team will take special care to ensure that you are comfortable throughout treatment. We’ll also recommend the best tooth replacement option for once your tooth has been extracted to ensure a healthy future.

Gum & Bone Grafting

When gum disease is left untreated, bone and gum loss can occur. In order to provide adequate support for a dental implant or other restoration, when this happens bone and gum grafting might be necessary to achieve a successful treatment.

Our tooth extraction process

Our periodontists will examine your tooth and complete x-rays to ensure that dental extraction is the best solution

We’ll use local anesthesia to numb the area and keep you comfortable

Once the tooth has been removed, we’ll treat the area to ensure you are as comfortable as possible and allow the healing process to start

We’ll provide detailed after-care instructions to help you deal with any discomfort

Everything about my appointment was great. Staff was competent. Staff and MD went out of their way to make sure they understood my concerns and to explain options to me. Great practice. Strongly recommend.

— Mimi M.

Your $157 New Patient Exam Includes:

Comprehensive exam, including periodontal charting and necessary intraoral photographs

Discussion with your dentist on what you are experiencing, as well as answering your questions

Personalized treatment plan, with a full explanation of costs and timelines with our team

At Periodontics & Implantology At Cornerstone, you’ll find

Care from a periodontist specializes in treating advanced oral health issues surrounding periodontal disease

Multiple sedation dentistry options, including oral conscious sedation, IV sedation, and NuCalm

Several financing and payment options, and in-network insurance through Dental Care Plus

An office environment designed to help you feel safe and empowered to improve your oral health

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