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Treat advanced gum disease

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OH cincinnati periodontal disease periodontics & implantology at cornerstone

Don’t let periodontal disease take root in your smile

Advanced gum disease can wreak havoc on your oral and whole body health. While moderate levels of gum disease can be treated with a deep cleaning, advanced cases require more advanced treatment.

At Periodontics & Implantology At Cornerstone, we take a comprehensive approach to advanced gum disease with our pocket reduction surgery treatment. Our periodontists will get you back on the path toward optimal oral health.

Benefits of pocket reduction surgery at Periodontics & Implantology At Cornerstone

Halts the progress of periodontal disease

Improves overall gum and oral health

Helps your body regenerate lost gum tissue

Provides an aesthetic improvement to your smile

Let’s bring your smile back to life

When experiencing advanced gum disease, periodontal pockets of infection develop underneath the gumline. During a pocket reduction surgery, we’ll remove these periodontal pockets and tartar, plaque, and bacteria to promote proper healing and prevent further bacteria growth.

Our Cincinnati pocket reduction surgery process

We’ll assess the periodontal pockets using diagnostic tools

We’ll ensure your comfort using local anesthesia

We’ll separate the gum from the tooth surface, cleaning the periodontal pockets and ensuring a healthy gumline

If necessary, we’ll use regenerative techniques to further aid in the restoration of your oral health

This is a superior practice in every way. The doctors use the most innovative ways to care for gums. The hygienists are patient, kind, understanding, and extremely dedicated to giving me the best care ever.

— Susan B.

Your $157 New Patient Exam Includes:

Comprehensive exam, including periodontal charting and necessary intraoral photographs

Discussion with your dentist on what you are experiencing, as well as answering your questions

Personalized treatment plan, with a full explanation of costs and timelines with our team

At Periodontics & Implantology At Cornerstone, you’ll find

Care from a periodontist specializes in treating advanced oral health issues surrounding periodontal disease

Multiple sedation dentistry options, including oral conscious sedation, IV sedation, and NuCalm

Several financing and payment options, and in-network insurance through Dental Care Plus

An office environment designed to help you feel safe and empowered to improve your oral health

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