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Instructions following Non-surgical Periodontal Treatment (Scaling and Root Planning)

  1. To keep you comfortable today, you were given local anesthetic. You will be numb for several hours. Please wait until the anesthesia has worn off before eating or drinking. You can potentially injure your lips, cheeks and/or tongue if you eat or drink before the numbness is gone.
  2. We recommend taking 600mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours or as needed for any pain and swelling that may occur.
  3. If you experience tenderness with your jaws, we recommend a cold compress the first 24 hours and then a warm moist heat compress, to use as needed.
  4. Resume your recommended oral hygiene protocol 24 hours after the treated areas.             
  • Brush 2 minutes twice a day
  • Floss daily
  • Rinse with an antibacterial mouth rinse twice a day
  • Brush your tongue
  • Use interdental brushes at least once a day (if so instructed)
  • Thorough cleansing of your mouth is critical in removing the harmful bacteria (plaque) that has caused your periodontal disease

     5. Avoid hard, crunchy foods, and popcorn. These foods can irritate your gums as they are healing.

     6. Resume normal activities the day after root planning and scaling.


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